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Redefining Event Furniture Rentals with Innovation

Studio By Dzign, the leading event rental provider in Las Vegas, NV, is revolutionizing the industry with their innovative product – the “Reg Desk By Dzign”. Masterfully designed and crafted in the USA, this multi-purpose event registration desk merges practicality with aesthetic appeal.

Strong Foundation, Elegant Design: The Construction of Reg Desk

Constructed from high-grade, powder-coated steel, the Reg Desk’s dimensions of 8′ wide by 4′ tall accommodate two chairs behind the desk comfortably. Lockable cabinets beneath provide secure storage options for bustling events.

Light Up Your Event: RGBW LED Lighting and Customization

The Reg Desk commands attention with its striking design elements. High-density RGBW LED lighting lets you transform the desk into any color of your choice, adding an ambient glow to any event setting. The desk’s appearance can be fully customized by wrapping every inch of the desk – front, sides, and top – with a design, logo, or photo of your choice.

A Revolutionary Concept: Inspiration and Design of the Reg Desk

Inspired by other pioneering products of By Dzign, the Reg Desk was brought to life by award-winning event designer Kevin Kraft, with the support of the By Dzign Creative and Print department. The Reg Desk opens up a realm of possibilities while providing ample workspace and storage.

Versatility at its Best: Reg Desk in Different Scenarios

The Reg Desk effortlessly caters to diverse event types and sizes. It can be arranged flush to one another, allowing easy scalability. Its varied uses range from serving as a DJ booth, front desk, or even a bar.

First Choice for Event Furniture Rentals: User Feedback and Rental Pricing

Initial users have championed the Reg Desk By Dzign as the premier choice for event furniture rentals. Its innovative features and customizable design options are groundbreaking. By Dzign offers competitive rental pricing, ensuring that this innovative piece of furniture can transform any event.

A Game-changer in Event Rentals

The Reg Desk By Dzign exemplifies the future of event design, where functional furniture also plays an integral role in crafting the event’s visual narrative.