The BY DZIGN event design and production experience will ENLIVEN the senses, WOW the audience, ENCOURAGE dreams, BRAND memories, SURPASS expectations, and CREATE OMG moments! BY DZIGN will make our Partners event goals our event goals. Team Members will genuinely care for our Partners objectives and they will be our highest mission.

We pledge to provide our Partners with seamless communication, ful­fillment of unexpressed wishes, needs, and concerns, the highest value of elements, and a sense of comfort and con­fidence.


We at BY DZIGN know that the most important resource in our commitment to “WOWING” our Partners is the BY DZIGN Team Member. BY DZIGN will nurture and boost talent to the bene­fit of each individual and the company. We do this by practicing the qualities of honesty, trust, integrity, respect, and commitment. We will provide a work environment where quality of life is enhanced, diversity is valued, individual goals are fulfilled, and culture BY DZIGN is bolstered.


1. The Team Member promise Is the basis of BY DZIGN’s work environment! It will be honored by all Team Members.

2. Our motto: “WE ARE HERE TO WOW!” As creative event industry professionals, we strive to impress our Partners and Guests. WOW is the ultimate compliment.

3. All Employees will actively
engage in regular training
certification to prepare and
master their positions.

4. Company objectives are communicated to all employees. It is everyone’s responsibility to support them.

5. To create pride & Joy at work, all employees have the right to be involved in the planning of work that affects them.

6. Each Team Member will continuously identify defects on the job and report them at the appropriate time and to the appropriate person.

7. It is the responsibility of each employee to create a work environment of teamwork and
lateral service so that the needs of our Partners and co-workers are met.

8. Each Team Member is empowered. When any Team Member encounters an issue,
they have the skill and confidence to correct it!

9. Uncompromising levels of cleanliness are the responsibility of every
Team Member.

10. Every employee is responsible for identifying and recording our partners preferences. This is how we will provide the “WOW FACTOR” to each individual Partner and their client.

11. Smile! We are on stage! Always maintain a positive attitude inside and out. Use proper vocabulary! Use phrases such as “Good
Morning, Certainly, I’ll be happy to,” etc. DO NOT use vocabulary such as “Dude, Bro. Hey, What’s up, Folks, No problem, sure”.

12. Be a BY DZIGN fan! Have a raving fan attitude about BY DZIGN inside and out of
the work place. Always maintain positive conversation. Make our Partners raving fans.

13. Assist a Partner with all needs associated with our work. If you don’t know how to
answer a question a partner has, contact a director and let them know the question.
NEVER SAY “I don’t know”, say instead ” I will be happy to find out for you.”

14. Use BY DZIGN communication etiquette:
Answer within 3 rings, use a Partner’s name when possible, and smile when answering!
Reply to emails within 24 hours, create detailed subject fields in emails, change subject based on main idea.

15. Take pride in and care of your personal appearance! Everyone is responsible to
convey a professional image. Adhere to BY DZIGN clothing and grooming standards.

16. Think safety first! Each employee is responsible for creating a safe and secure
work environment for all Partners and each other. Be aware of all ¬re, safety, and
emergency procedures. Report any risks

17. Protecting and maintaining the assets
of BY DZIGN is every Team Member’s
Responsibility conserve energy, properly maintain our items, and protect the

18. BY DZIGN is committed to timeliness. “Don’t be on time, be early”. If you cannot, notify ASAP!