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Need event and Party bar rentals in Las Vegas?
Bar By Dzign was made specifically for the event and party rental industry! Designed and built in Las Vegas, (Made in America), Bar By Dzign is completely customizable. Our team of event and experienced designers work with Bar By Dzign’s rock solid powder coated steel framework to enliven any themed event or experience. Our bar rents out of Las Vegas, but has gone as far as NYC. Bar By Dzign is 8 feet wide and 44 inches tall. The size makes it an impressive piece of décor. The bar includes two ice bins and a large shelf. What makes our rental bar stand above all others are the two large lighted shadow boxes that it has on the bar front and the bar top. These shadow boxes can be used to display products, décor, textures or messaging. Our bar has a lighted acrylic foot rest that is great for standing or placing barstools in front of. Bar By Dzign is modular, so if you want a 24 foot bar, just place 3 in a row. You may want a center bar, in which case, use our bar corner or columns to create a square or rectangle. Watch for Bar By Dzign CURVE, coming soon for the circle bar look!

By Dzign, the source for all your event rental, planning, and production needs. We have 1,000’s of event and party rental items in stock. By Dzign has many service and rental departments in house. Our event designers and planners are ready and equipped to service all of your event needs. We do this by accessing all of our in house department capabilities that include…

Event Floral
Event Printing
Custom event fabrication
Furniture rentals
Linen rentals
Party rentals
Event design
Event lighting

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