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With every entertainment act booked, he was able to offer up sound and lighting services to compliment the entertainment and became well known for not just being an agent, but for putting his stamp on every entertainment piece with his sound and lighting elements. Anyone can be an agent, but it’s the onsite operation of the entertainment that is the key to a good party giving guests the biggest WOW factor.
Fast forward to By Dzign, which now creates their own branded Light By Dzign, the Satellite 36 which can be RGB + W + A is also battery operated and wireless DMX. It’s state of the art technology that is used for both lighting entertainment and uplighting, inner-lighting and creating moods for the room! Kevin Kraft saw the LED lighting revolution years ago and wanted to create a light that worked well in the event industry with all the parameters needed to have ease of use and optimum technology! The light By Dzign can give your event the look and feel of a TV Awards show! Uplighting is a great way to give the room the color you want and can be easily controlled with the wireless DMX features. The battery operated feature takes away the need for many labor hours wiring up the lights. By Dzign has created it’s very own branded – Light By Dzign – the Satellite 36, with hundreds available! The Satellite 36 features 9 x 1 watt color mixing bulb with RGB + W + A to be able to handle just about any lighting job. This light and other disk type LED lights are used for our line of glow furniture, of which By Dzign has Las Vegas’ largest inventory!

From highboy cocktail tables, round and square, to glowing Ghost Dining Tables to the new Disegno Dining table to coffee and end tables, to buffet tables, DJ tables and surrounds as well as our gaming poker and
Blackjack tables. Make your corporate event come to life with pops of color throughout the room. Not only used with decor, LED lights are also utilized for stage with live entertainment from bands to production shows to impersonators and more. Trussing is used to support the Satellite 36 to create a great looking stage wash of color with fades and motion activated. With the wireless DMX feature, a light tech on site can bring a show to life and help to set moods during the performance. By Dzign also owns Leko lights to display gobos anywhere in the room for that branding opportunity at your event. Uplighting your event can help to create a vivid atmosphere where your corporate colors may be utilized for branding purposes. LED lights are great because they use much less power than traditional lights and if you are using the battery operated LED lights, then no power at all. This is a great feature when more and more hotels are charging for the use of power. By Dzign also creates wonderful branding opportunities with Gobo’s that can be steel-cut or glass-cut for that multi-color, precision picture or logo tha can be projected onto a wall or screen or spandex of just about anything in the room. Using standard Leko lights or intelligent LED lights that can project gobos, we can design your event just the way you want at By Dzign!

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