Juan Suarez


Creative Director


Juan Suarez joined By Dzign in 2017 as our Creative Director and has hit the ground running ever since. As the creative heartbeat of our team, Juan brings ideas to life and creates what we wish existed…every day.

Juan began his journey into the event industry at Ronsley Inc. in Chicago where he honed his craft for over 10 years. The warmer weather called his name in 1996 when Juan left his winter wardrobe behind and began working for Desert Design Group in Las Vegas.

Juan continued to grow his skillset throughout the years as an artist, fabricator, designer and overall logistics resource, making him an invaluable member of every team he worked with.  His talents were and continue to be showcased at properties and corporations throughout the Las Vegas area and on the Las Vegas Strip.
Juan ran his own company from 2011-2017.  In 2017, By Dzign purchased Juan’s company and invited Juan to join the By Dzign family.
The idea factory…That is what we call Juan and his team. He has worked with hundreds of artists over the years and brings to the table a vast knowledge of the event industry. Juan creates exquisite custom events that incorporate every element of design. Every detail is set with precision, creating memories that will last a lifetime.