Feel like you’ve been seeing a lot of balloons lately? You’re not going crazy, balloons are back! By Dzign is proud to announce that we have purchased a balloon company. By Dzign has always been proud to provide its clients and partners with a one stop shop feel and have expanded our services to now be able to provide you with all of your balloon needs.

While balloons in events did not actually go away, when it comes to high end corporate and social events they have been seen less and less. Fear not balloon lovers for they have come back in full swing! They have been seen used from corporate to social events and even weddings. Celebrity planner, Mindy Weiss, has been seen using them frequently in her latest events. They have also been spotted a lot on the Instagram of the high end wedding magazine, Wed Luxe. 

 While the traditional bouquets, columns, and arches are still being used, we are seeing more and more intricate ways to incorporate balloons into any event. From creative ceiling installations that your guests will look at all night, to backdrops and photo ops that will be in every picture. For a little more fun, you can take inspiration from Khloe Kardashian’s baby showers and fill the floor with balloons to give your guests a fun frolicking through balloons feel, as they walk through your event.

 So now you need it, but where do you get it? Contact us today to learn more.