By Dzign is excited to announce the well-deserved promotions of four very hard-working employees: Kathy Dyke to Director of Sales and Business Development, Steve Williamson to Event Designer, David Smythe to Senior Event Designer, and Read Scot to Entertainment Director.

Kathy has been with the company for over half a decade, constantly proving how worthy she is of this title. With accolades such as First Recipient of the top producer award in 2017 and UNLV’s Hotel College Alumnae Award, Kathy proves she not only has the eye to design a beautiful event, but the skill to execute one as well. Whether she is participating in one of her many extracurricular organizations in the lively Vegas community, or budgeting a dream corporate event, Kathy   continues to be a crucial asset to By Dzign.

Just as crucial to the team is fellow UNLV Alumni Steve Williamson, our new Event Designer. With 2 years of experience at the company as event coordinator, Steve would go above and beyond his own duties to assist in sales and other areas. It’s this hungry attitude that made him Recipient of 2017’s “Rising Star” award and fitting of this promotion. After starting his career at one of the world’s most visited hotels, Courtyard by Marriot Las Vegas, Steve now has many of his own accounts that he manages, client proposals that he designs, and event set-ups that he oversees.

Being with the company since 2014, David holds the record for most events outside of Las Vegas, only recently taking the company to Seattle, Washington to install a 1,200 person event . As much as we love our locals, David is a key player in expanding the company. Having clients such as Jaime Foxx and Rod Stewart, we trust he is more than capable of handling the pressure that the job holds.