Chameleon Chair® Collection

Exclusively at By Dzign

Rent Chameleon Chairs® exclusively at By Dzign Las Vegas. Choose the perfect chair for your event, wedding, or party. Chameleon chair® offers thousands of chair rental combinations in Las Vegas, and By Dzign is its exclusive event rental partner.
We are proud to offer the Exclusive Chameleon Chair® Collection to the Las Vegas market. Our team of party rental professionals and event designers are ready to design your perfect Chameleon Chair® look for your special event.
Over a decade ago the Chameleon Chair® was introduced to the special event world and it has changed special event design forever. Since we can design directly with the chameleon chair®, By Dzign has viewed event design in a whole new light. With the chameleon chair®, tablescape and room design have advanced the entire event industry. Our designers love designing with the Chameleon Chair® and we look forward to designing your event with you.

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