By Dzign would like to roll out the reddest of carpets to welcome SM Designs and its owner Juan Suarez to the team! After much discussion, Juan and the By Dzign team came to an agreement that Juan and his SM Design inventory would join the By Dzign family. “I was ready for a change, Kevin has given me an opportunity to join his growing team and I plan to excel in my new home at By Dzign continuing to give clients their vision of dream events” Juan Suarez


With access now to in-house resources such as floral, linen, wood work, digital printing, event modeling, experiential design, and one of the Largest event rental inventories in Las Vegas, Juan’s creativity will have the support it needs to explode with new concepts and creations.


Born in Mexico, Juan always had his sights on planning events. To dream big you have to act big, so in his 20’s he went for it and took a couple thousand-mile leap to Chicago. This act was well worth it because he was able to secure a job with, Michael Leventhal, founder of Ronsley Special Events. Juan did as Spongebob would and absorbed everything he could: sculpting, welding, 3D renderings, upholstery, carpentry, floral and event design, and the list only expands from there. With all of this knowledge, Juan felt comfortable enough to take another massive leap and head out to our Fabulous Las Vegas. Being a well-versed event designer, Desert Design Group latched on to him before he was even able to walk the Strip. After a couple years here and continuing to soak up everything he could, he partnered up and opened the company Dream Events.


Dream Events went on to become a huge name in the game, having clients such as CNN, the Venetian Resort and Casino, and Land Rover. One could imagine how the work hours stack up with such famous clients, so Juan eventually craved a more structured schedule and joined the MGM Resorts and Events Team. This move allowed him the opportunity to work with legendary King Dahl. Working with and learning from Dalh, gave him the inspiration and drive to open his new event production company SM Design.

A little on the personal side of Juan, he is a foodie at heart. And when he’s not eating, he’s sweating during a soccer match or a gym session. With that said Kevin and the By Dzign team, are more than happy to welcome Juan as By Dzign’s new Director of Design and Production.