We recently had the opportunity to attend the 2013 Las Vegas National Association of Catering and Events (NACE) Awards at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip to watch By Dzign’s own Kevin Kraft earn recognition as the 2013 event honoree. Each year, NACE (which happens to be the oldest and largest catering association in the world) honors an individual who has contributed significantly to the organization. This year, the chapter chose to honor By Dzign Founder and CEO Kevin Kraft for his constant support and sponsorship, which made the night that much more special and memorable for the entire By Dzign event planning team.

By Dzign Kevin Kraft

Kevin gave an inspirational speech about his time in the event planning and entertainment world—a history that spans decades and includes the significant role he played as one of the founders of the East Coast rave scene, producing incredibly successful dance parties at his New York nightclub prior to heading west and founding By Dzign. He spoke to the 150 attendees as if each of them were a close friend or long-time colleague, and the majority of them are.

By Dzign Kevin Kraft Las Vegas NACE Awards 2

The theme of the 2013 NACE Awards was “Rocker Chic,” and we provided By Dzign decor to bring that theme to life. To really drive home that “sleek with an edge” aesthetic, our corporate event planning team brought in several specialty tables, including the Disengo (a 72” square table that lights up from the base, providing the perfect mood-setting glow) and our “DNA table,” a 4×8 table that allows us to add a custom print (we went with guitars to help weave the “rocker chic” theme throughout the event).

By Dzign Kevin Kraft Las Vegas NACE Awards 1

By Dzign A/V provided our always-popular large marquee letters for the corporate event, really helping to brand the event as NACE’s own. We love offering our own take on typical event setups, so we chose to surround our glass 60” rounds with white leather couches from By Dzign furniture on one side, and chairs on the other—this allowed for a fun, mixed-seating option, and, aesthetically, created a really beautiful balance in the room.

By Dzign Las Vegas NACE Awards 3

Overall, the night was a huge success, and we’re so proud to be part of the By Dzign team that Kevin Kraft founded back in 2008. His recognition as the 2013 Las Vegas NACE Honoree was hard earned and, as long-time members of the organization, is something our entire event planning team truly appreciates.