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Decor By Dzign specializes in corporate event decor rental, design, and creation. We are based in Las Vegas; however, we service all 50 states. We started in the event decor rental business in 2008 and have been mastering the art of special event design and decorating ever since. The importance of event decor has been steadily increasing in Las Vegas and beyond. Why is event decor becoming more and more important? The simple answer is Experience! We are all looking for experiences and event decor helps to make the experience of your event more enjoyable, impactful, fun, visual and of course, absolutely more memorable. It does not matter what type of event you are doing whether it is Corporate, Social, or Wedding… unforgettable memories should be your goal. If memories are not your goal, then why have an event? There is no reason to have an event without memories. By Dzign makes sure that we design events that will have lasting memories.

We do this by incorporating all of our departments, Printing, event Floral, Furniture rentals, Props, Production, Party Rentals, and Event Decor. All the above listed could be considered Special event decor, and it is, but we see event decor as the detail that brings the event to life. Event decorating is the art of bringing all the elements of an event together to create a masterpiece. An event that is masterfully designed will evoke memorable emotions and create a euphoric atmosphere. The moment a guest steps into the event space, a feeling of wow and importance should overcome them. The first wow feeling of entering a special event is hard to match but we strive to escalate your event experience through details. From a magnificent entry to a stunning dining table, Event decor rental and design make it happen. By Dzign’s access to our huge event rental inventory and our printing and fabrication capabilities gives us the opportunity to design fabulous events at an excellent value. We take our inventory and capabilities and mix it with our knowledge of Las Vegas and all its venues. Together our event design experience is second to none.


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