On October 10, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas held its annual UNLV Foundation Dinner, a philanthropic event honoring individuals and organizations who work to advance the University’s mission through generous gifts of time, effort and resources. The annual affair celebrates the important role philanthropy plays in higher education, and guests range from prominent alumni to community leaders. With a staff full of proud UNLV alums (Go Rebs!), we were so honored the University chose By Dzign as its partner to help bring its event vision to life.

In the spirit of the upcoming presidential debate being held on campus, the UNLV Foundation dinner boasted a nostalgic patriotic theme aptly titled “A Taste of History”—with red, white and blue design details in no short supply. Along that same vein, the night’s featured speakers included Presidential Historians Michael Beschloss and Jon Meacham, and the evening’s menu was designed by former White House Chef Sam Kass.  

UNLV Foundation Dinner By Dzign 2

To help set the scene right from the get-go, guests were greeted by a patriotic check-in area. The space featured By Dzign’s fan-favorite Ibiza Curve pieces boasting a custom American flag print backdrop and routed-out silver UNLV letters, which were designed by the talented Printing By Dzign team.

UNLV Foundation Dinner By Dzign 5

As this was a philanthropic dinner, our crew had several different sponsorship table levels to work with. As such, we decided to create distinct tables for each level of donor: top-tier donors sat at double square glass tables with stunning lit bases and crystal runners; second-tier donors sat at our glass round tables with Linen By Dzign’s Pewter Sheer Serpentine linen; third-tier donors sat at our square glass lit tables also dressed in our Pewter Sheer Serpentine linen; and the remaining tables were adorned in a soft crushed pewter linen.

UNLV Foundation Dinner By Dzign 3

Each table was encircled with Furniture By Dzign’s clear acrylic chairs with silver seating pads and, while flower arrangements were crafted by the Foundation’s floral sponsor, Floral By Dzign worked to provide the large number of vases needed for the stunning soirée. By Dzign also provided two lines of lounge furniture for the VIP reception and the dinner reception—the VIP area housed our white polart furniture, while the dinner reception boasted our black fortress furniture.

UNLV Foundation Dinner By Dzign 4

Overall, the night turned out so beautifully and we were so honored to work to bring the annual UNLV Foundation Dinner to life. It truly is such an important event for our community, our University and the students who call the UNLV campus home.