Kimberly Listek

Kim Event planning Las Vegas

Event Dzigner


Kimberly Listek joined the By Dzign team in 2016 as an event designer, bringing with her over 10 years of event management experience (and a healthy obsession with both Zumba and Mixfit). As an event dzigner, Kim is responsible for cultivation and management of relationships with By Dzign partners, as well as coordination of public relations activities.

Kim grew up in the event-planning industry, which helped to spark her passion for beautiful events from a very young age. At just 3 years old, Kim was blowing up balloons to help a family member who had just founded a new company—what started as her aunt selling simple balloon baskets out of a minivan quickly grew into one of the biggest production companies in Las Vegas, and Kim helped with any and every aspect of the company every chance she got.


In 2003, Kim made her way to sunny San Diego State University to study biology, but eventually ended up trading in her lab coat for party-planner digs once she discovered she just couldn’t shake her passion for event management. (And, we have to say, we’re pretty psyched she made the switch back to our side.)


A mom to two little four-legged creatures (who have her wrapped around their paws), Kim is our go-to team member for pick-me-ups—her upbeat attitude can’t be beat. An ordained minister, when she’s not executing perfect parties on behalf of her clients, you can find her performing weddings and funeral services. Though funerals are admittedly tough, she loves being able to help provide closure and solace to families and friends who’ve lost loved ones.  A girl totally consumed by wanderlust (can you blame her?), Kim loves exploring new places and cultures—all of which help to inspire her design-eye for that next big soirée she plans.

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