“When event decor is used correctly
it leaves a lasting impression that leads to conversation and stories.”

Stories and conversations start trends!

Kevin Kraft from the ISES Masters Panel


When event decor is used correctly it leaves a lasting impression that leads to conversation and stories.
Stories and conversations start trends!

Kevin Kraft from the ISES Masters Panel

Decorations for special events can sometimes be overlooked in the planning process. People sometimes do not realize just how important the decorations can be to create a successful event or party. Over the last 10 years the importance of event decor has grown.The financial environment of the last few years has made it very important to convey a memorable message or idea of your event. Event decor is paramount in conveying a successful party message. A Las Vegas event is just not complete without having some decorations to give it a unique, creative and original message.

Event decor is what separates a good party from an amazing party never to be forgotten! In the world of events and parties the goal is always for your party or event to be a memorable one that can last a lifetime. Whether it is a corporate event or a social event, whoever is throwing the party wants that event to be special remembered and talked about for years to come. That is why many corporations and destination brides come to Las Vegas to separate their party or event from everyone elses. While Las Vegas helps to separate your party or event from others. What happens when you need to separate your party from another one held in the most amazing event destination in the world? It is decor with a message that you want to convey to your guests.By Dzign Las Vegas is commited to wowing our clients with amazing event and party decor. When your event is put in the hands of a By Design event planner the results of your party can be awe inspiring.

Our Las Vegas team of party planners and event designers understand just how important decor is to your event. They know how to give you the most memorable looking party for the best value. Almost every party has entertainment or a floral centerpiece. When the By Dzign event professional works with you to create a cohesive party theme they bring all elements of an event into one cohesive vision. Our staff will tie the decor, entertainment and floral together to surpass your goals. Decor tied together properly with entertainment and floral for your event will give you the Wow that you are looking for! Wow is the beginning to an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. By Design located one mile behind Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas strip is here to assist you with all your decorations for your party or event.

By Dzign Las Vegas has all of its event decor in house! What does it mean when I say we have it all in house? By Design and our team of designers have identified the key decor elements to an amazing party or event. We began purchasing these elements so we can rent our party decorations at a much lower rate than a party planner. The typical party planner has to source an item, rent it from the owner, and then mark it up to you. By design is the direct wholesale source for all party rental items in Las Vegas. We have over 100,000 party rental items in stock and we are always adding the newest decor trends to our extensive event decor rental inventory.

A Las Vegas party rental is not what we are. Yes you can rent party decor from By Design but our goal is to help you design, manage, and produce your Las Vegas based event. When we began to design corporate and social events in Las Vegas we saw that similar items kept getting used over and over. It made a lot of sense to invest in these items so we could better service our clients and partners. The more event decor items that we purchased or created the lower our overall prices would be. This made our event designers and party planners very happy so we continue this today.

What kind of stories will come from your party or event in Las Vegas? Without proper party planning the stories, the conversations will never happen. Some think what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas but the smart ones know that is not true. They know that Las Vegas is the perfect destination to convey a message or start a trend. Kevin Kraft design director and cofounder of By Dzign began his design career in the very competitive New York City nightlife scene. He created Caffeine a Long Island based nightclub that branched out into music, fashion and a tour that went around the world. Caffeine became the cornerstone of electronic dance music over the last 20 years.

The messages conveyed through decor at Caffeine gave it notoriety that no other non New York City based club has ever enjoyed! People came from all over the east coast to be a part of the Caffeine experience. While the DJ’s and producers that played Caffeine made the crowds move to the pumping beats of EDM. The change in the environment that came on a weekly basis set Caffeine apart from all other clubs in New York City, the metropolitan area or any other club in the U.S.. Kevin created this weekly change in environment that led to his position at By Design Las Vegas as design director.

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